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Integrate Fitness have partnered up with PowerWave to bring you ONLINE WORKOUTS

We have been working hard behind the scenes to create the workouts that you know and love, some with, and some without equipment. These Intense variety of full body workouts will allow you tone up, burn fat and release those vital endorphins to help you feel good through tough times.

Step by step guided Instructions on how to access material via our Facebook closed group and PowerWave App, will be given once purchased.

Our Brand Workout

XFight is a high energy combat and boxing fitness class to Drum & Bass or House

We take you through combinations that build up into fun routines that challenge your fitness and improve your cardio and co-ordination

3+ LIVE XFight classes per week


  • PowerWave

  • XFight Conditioning 

  •  Legs, Bums & Tums

  •  Zumba

  • Kettlebells

  •  Core

  • Bodytone

  • Fit2Fite

  • Socarobics

And many more!​

And there's MORE

  • PowerWave LIVE workouts twice a day, equipment and non equipment

  • Access to our PowerWave app, if you miss a LIVE, you can catch up 'ON DEMAND'

  • You’ll will also have access to all PowerWave signature 10-20 minute workouts, live discussions on Health and Wellbeing, Nutrition and more!

Integrate Fitness Holiday

in association with 3Ness Fitness

Playitas Sport Resort – Fuerteventura, Spain
2nd Sept - 9th Sept 2021


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